Nijee Holdings Inc.

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Nijee Holdings Inc. offers 15 years of proven world-class enterprise IT services and solutions. Providing guidance in digital strategies, implementation in data integration, business process flow and automation.

solutions Overview

The engine that drives our services require a full end-to-end suite of solutions that are all home grown. This proprietary nature allows rapid maintenance, stellar up-time and fast-pace feature roll-outs. Delivering great service is an art, our tools are refined to meet and exceed industry standards, 


Nijee Framework™

This modular framework aims to separate the points-of-failure and allows development crews to rapidly compose serviceable components and deploy new services with ease. 


Nijee Platform™

Our platform, built with Nijee Framework™ is the catalyst to taking full control over 'technical-debt', the most critical issue of any organization with a mission to refine ROI.